Should You Sell Your Home During the Summer?

Should You Sell Your Home During the Summer?

Summer is a season of pool parties, barbeques, and enjoying time with loved ones.  It is also a red hot season for buying and selling homes.  Below we’ll discuss the pros and cons of listing your home during this prominent real estate season. 


  1. You Will Have an Abundance of Showings: With more hours of daylight, there’s more time for real estate showings.  Showings are also more likely to have viewers during the summer season than in the winter.  Interested home buyers are more likely to be spending quality time outside, which makes them more likely to attend an open house. 

  2. Buyers Have Extra Motivation: Many busy households want to move into new homes before the fall school season begins.  Buyers might’ve missed out on housing opportunities during the spring, so summer is the perfect time for a new search. 

  3. Convenience: With the free time for students and the consistent weather, summer provides availability and certainty when it comes to moving.

  4. The House Will Looks Its Best: Natural light abounds in the summer, and this extra brightness is sure to showcase your home at its best.  With radiant windows and flourishing flowers, your home will be ready to list. 


  1. Competition: Because this is such a busy time in the real estate market, this means the market is filled with competition.  Be prepared to see a “For Sale” sign at every corner, but do not let that dissuade you.  Make your home stand out. 

  2. Obligations: Selling a house comes with obligations that may interfere with your summer plans.  Cleaning and prepping the house for showings is a substantial job in itself.  However, if you hire a real estate agent, this load of work will be majorly alleviated. 

  3. Summer Heat: Loading and unloading a moving truck during hot, humid weather is a struggle.  Prepare yourself with chilled bottles of water, sunscreen, and portable fans.

  4. Showing Houses with Children: Even though school is out for the summer, when it comes to selling a house, it isn’t all about relaxation.  You will need to have a place for your kids to go while prospective buyers are looking at your home.  Not to mention you will need to clean the house on a regular basis.  The best piece of advice for selling a home while you have children is to plan ahead of time: playdates or summer camps will give you free time and give your children fun experiences. 

Summer is the perfect time to sell your house, but it’s not without its challenges.  However, with the help of an adaptable, experienced real estate agent at VB Realty, anything is possible. Contact VB Realty Group for al of your real estate needs. 

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