Selling a Haunted House

As we reach the end of the spooky Halloween season, we thought it would be a fun send off to discuss a haunted house. The infamous Los Feliz Murder House in LA has a checkered past, but to real eatstae agent Nancy Sanborn, it was just a house.

In 2016, Sanborn was brought on to the selling team to what she thought was just a regular referral listing. She was completely oblivious to its history, one of the few who was. For context, the property was the scene of a gruesome crime about 60 years before, in which Dr. Harold N. Perelson killed his wife and hit his daughter with a hammer, and then took his own life. The haunted legend of this crime has spanned from 1959 to the present day.

The property has been a notorious haunted attraction for tourists and paranormal enthusiasts. Sanborn did her best to treat it as an ordinary listing, however, the residence attracted strange attention and visitors with a sole interest in the paranormal aspect of the home.

Most states require any material defects about a residence to be disclosed to potential buyers in case it has any lingering effects for them. Though many buyers are apprehensive towards the idea of buying a house with a reputation, purchasing a stigmatized house has the benefit of a price reduction, and according to a recent survey, ⅓ of homebuyers would be willing to purchase a house with a haunting reputation.

The Los Feliz Mansion closed in July 2016 for $2.3 million. Don’t let rumors ruin your chance at buying your dream home! We hope you have a very Happy Halloween!

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