6 tips to be a competitive homebuyer in a seller’s market

Position yourself as a strong contender that can move when the moment is right with these proven tactics

Are you ready to buy in this crazy hot market? Here are ways to make yourself a more competitive buyer in a seller’s market.

With so many buyers on the hunt, it is important to keep an open mind when searching the market. It is important to set your expectations that the top end of the search price range should be significantly under the top end of the budget. Making sure you are open to touring unexpected neighborhoods, it is worth it to explore adjacent areas with less interest.

A key in this market is getting pre-underwritten. it is worth the substantial; legwork compared to pre-approval but in the end, you will need to do the legwork to finalize your loan. This will provide you confidence in your budget in turn providing the seller more confidence that your funding will come through. With today’s lower mortgage interest rates, their month-to-month mortgage payment even with PMI factored in may be very reasonable.

Making it easy for the seller will go a long way, it is more important to send a string email summary with your offer and follow up consistently. Always start with your strongest offer, instead of testing the bottom where the seller won’t even consider countering, they will just move on.

Being ready to offer quickly is also key to winning in a competitive market, and considering these tips before you find the home you want to buy will help you feel ready to jump when the moment arrives.

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