Why You Should Have a Disaster Plan for Your Business

Having a disaster plan for your brokerage is meant to protect your business in unstable times.  The importance of a disaster plan has been magnified since this pandemic struck.  

Disasters can strike at any moment.  The best move for your business is to be prepared.  Whether it’s an illness or a natural disaster, the impact to your business can be detrimental.  Create a disaster preparedness plan that is efficient and effective during times of great distress.  Disasters can also affect your business’ properties and transactions.  Real estate agents should establish a safety plan including check-ins with coworkers, work policy procedures, and securing your electronics and hardware.  Many businesses implement the “3-2-1 backup plan,” which stores 3 copies of your data: two locally and one offsite. 

One must not forget their financial obligations in the midst of a crisis.  Be sure to establish an emergency system for distributing checks to your employees and for bill payments.  Creating and continuing to grow an emergency reserve would benefit your business immensely. 

Continue stable, consistent conversation with clients during and after the disaster to ensure they are safe and to re-evaluate contracts for any aspects that could’ve been impacted.  This pandemic has given us the wake-up call we needed to ensure we have stable, effective disaster plans for our homes and our businesses.  Stay safe and be prepared. 

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