Why are realtors saying YES on Prop 5 and NO on Prop 10?

YES on Prop 5

The C.A.R. Property Tax Fairness Initiative (Prop 5) removes the unfair moving penalty for seniors, they severely disabled and disaster victims across the entire state while still ensuring they pay their fair share of property taxes. 
  • Seniors will have the freedom to downsize or move closer to family.
  • The severely disabled will be able to move to more practical homes.
  • Many disaster victims will now have the opportunity to move without being penalized.

NO on Prop 10

Prop 10 will make California’s housing crisis worse. It’s the wrong solution for a state that desperately needs to create more affordable housing for middle class families. Seniors, veterans, both gubernatorial candidates- Democrat Gavin Newsom and Republican John Cox- and affordable housing experts all oppose Prop 10 because it will make housing less available and less affordable.
  • Lets government dictate rental pricing for privately owned single family homes.
  • Reduce home values by more than 10%, according to MIT researchers: an average loss of approximately $39,000 per California homeowner.
  • Significantly restrict what single family homeowners can do with their homes.
  • Could allow bureaucrats to charge homeowners a fee for taking their home off the rental market.



For more information, please visit: ON.CAR.ORG/CAYES5NO10

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