What to Expect as Residential Apartments Reopen Community Spaces

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As the coronavirus cases decrease and businesses begin reopening, we must consider how to live semi-normal lives while upholding disease precautions.  Apartments have begun slowly reopening their community spaces such as offices, amenities, and common areas.  Below we will discuss the changes to expect within apartments. 

Finding the Balance 

In accordance with the guidelines from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and other public health authorities, apartment amenities such as gyms and lounges and offices have been shut down for weeks.  Finding the balance between enjoying these spaces and prioritizing the health of their residents with safety precautions is tricky, but property managers have devised approaches based on the sizes of their communities.  The core changes will include new hours, requirements for reservations, and more signage and notices of social distancing guidelines.  

New Policies 

To ensure the health of staff members is the number one priority of offices, in depth cleaning protocols will be implemented along with social distancing.  For example, plastic separators may be added between stations, and the number of stations working may be limited as to lower the number of workers in the building.  As we enter summer, it is likely that pools will be reopened, but the number of residents allowed will be limited.  Some residentials have begun a reservation system to schedule pool usage.  Since gyms include communal equipment, the new rules may be more restrictive than other amenities.  Gyms will be sanitized multiple times daily, new hours will be in place, and a new scheduling system will be implemented.  As apartment managers adapt to safety protocols, normal practices will be replaced with ones that prioritize the health and well-being of their residents. 

Digital Communication is Encouraged 

The art of staying connected with our families has become reliant on online resources, and more websites have been launched to make everyday routines easier.  Community apps like “Next Door” allow residents to stay in touch and create announcements to inform their neighbors.  There are digital options for leasing, renewals, and other real estate requests you may have.

Staying Safe

To help keep you and your community safe, continue wearing masks, thoroughly washing your hands, respecting social distancing, and following the health/safety guidelines.

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