The Rise of Disinfection Rooms

A new luxury amenity is rising mid-pandemic: disinfection rooms.  These rooms (formerly known as mudrooms) contain new sanitizing luxuries such as sanitizing butlers and UV robots.  Homeowners and their guests are utilizing these new spaces to stop the spread of bacteria within their homes.  

You’ll find hand sanitizer, hand-washing stations, and possibly machines that disperse temporary shoe covers along with gowns to cover clothes in these new rooms.  To add onto the luxurious, germ-fighting design, copper-based metals are used for their intense sterilizing power.  Copper ions naturally destroy bacteria, thus slimming chances of anyone in that residence coming in contact with the virus.  

The use of these rooms are trending with apartment complexes, whose owners are doing their best to ensure their tenants feel safe and secure.  Many apartment buildings have begun using devices that radiate UV-C lights to kill germs in the common areas (elevators, for example).  These efficient and effective robots cost approximately $125,000 and must be used with care and deliberate action to target specific areas. 

An apartment complex in Florida has begun offering a sanitizing butler to sanitize beachfront furniture so all of their tenants can enjoy the beach without worrying about the possible bacteria they are exposing themselves to.  This sanitizing machine can clean furniture and table surfaces.  Also, appointments are necessary to utilize the gym, and employees are taking the guests’ temperatures as they enter. 

With the end of the pandemic still a fair distance away, buildings that house multiple families are now being constructed with touchless technology, upgraded air purifiers, and extra air/water filtration systems to ensure the cleanest environments possible.  All in all, buildings are now being built/remodeled with disinfection in mind, whether it’s a disinfection room or new hand sanitizing sanctions, every action makes a difference. 

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