The Home-Office Trend In Real Estate

Since the coronavirus pandemic struck, homeowners have been converting their garages and spare bedrooms into makeshift home offices.  Because of this home-to-office shift, home constructors have been seeing a higher demand for homes with an extra bedroom (that can thus be used as an office space).  Certain home building companies are launching customizable home office “packages.”  These new home floor plans will cater to the new permanence of home offices by including a personalized room for their offices.   

Currently, approximately 40% of Americans are working from home, and it is likely we will see 20% of the workforce conducting business remotely post-pandemic.  It has been estimated that employees will be allowed to work from home until July 2021 at the very least.  Many people have decided to pursue different career paths during this pandemic, such as real estate agents and youtubers/influencers.  As is becoming more and more apparent, the needs of today’s society veer towards working from home.  National homebuilding company KB Home has created a “home office package” that includes built in work spaces and cabinets, updated electrical systems, custom lighting, an abundance of natural lighting, and soundproofing.  These amenities will create a more professional, efficient, and high-tech home office.  These “home office packages” range from about $2,000-$3,000, which is only about $12-$15 added on to the monthly house payment (a completely justifiable business expense).  

KB Home has approached the concept of home office packages by reviewing homes already available to them and adjusting the floor plans to accommodate these new office features, all while maintaining the original square footage of the residence.  The KB Home package is available for all, whether you live in a large estate or a cozy home.  The KB Home homebiuong company may be at the forefront of this new home-office trend, but it is expected that many companies will soon follow suit. 

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