Stephanie Mason, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a dear VB Realty client/friend. She has shared this awesome PDF with link that can help us all. 

It’s springtime and the pollen count is high.  Plus the flu season is still going strong.  These days when we sneeze, we wonder, “Do I have COVID 19?” Or is it just allergies?  Or seasonal flu?  The symptoms can start off similarly, but are different too.  Even doctors can have a hard time telling, Read More

Micro-droplets do settle on fabrics, and will be trapped in the fibers. How should we launder clothes we’ve worn while shopping for groceries, at work, etc.?  Although research isn’t finished, the following reflects what some experts, including doctors and epidemiologists, have stated. If you’ve been in a crowded area, remove your clothes as soon, Read More

Though the risk of catching Corona (COVID 19) virus in the U.S. is currently low, should you invest in face masks?  The virus is mainly transmitted through breathing in respiratory micro droplets of infected persons.  Which masks will stop it? Surgical masks?  These are the disposable, flexible paper type, often blue.  Since they don’t, Read More