Seeking convenience? Credit card companies want to help.

Credit card companies have teamed up with convenience apps (ride hailing, grocery / meal delivery, etc.) to offer discounts and free premium memberships with perks.  If you spend a lot on such apps, then you can snag rewards. The Apple card (when used through Apple Pay) offers 5% back on Uber and Uber Eats.  The Chase Sapphire Reserve card offers a complimentary one-year Lyft Pink subscription (normally about $20 per month).  There are many examples of such partnerships, but be savvy.

Get the best deal.  You now need to actively manage your cards for services, since a single card won’t have the best reward for every app.  Update the card which you have connected to the apps to make sure you’re getting the best rewards rate on any particular service.

When you use a card to pay for these services—especially if your card is already in the system and you don’t even need to present it—it may feel like you aren’t “really” paying for it.  Be careful not to overspend:  Devise a system for keeping track of how much you’re spending.  Then, review your credit card statement carefully and pay it in full so as not to rack up debt and pay interest—these would cancel out the benefit of rewards.

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