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Real People, Real Lives

Here with VB Realty Group, we have the pleasure of helping people make their dreams come true by loving where they live. We were lucky enough to capture some good moments and share it in this video we created.  Make sure to click on the video link and view a series of captured experiences.

Our careers as Real estate specialist is something that we take on whole heartedly because it allows us to connect in helping real people, real families in their journey to finding the right home and selling their home in so that they can start on a new path.

The truth is that it sounds so cliché but finding love and peace in your home is probably one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. The escrow journey for each of our clients has been unique to everyone but happy to say, have always made it through with smiles at the end.

Referrals are also the cornerstone of our business so we pride ourselves in going the extra mile for all our clients.  By giving the best of service we hope that we can earn the opportunity to be referred for anyone who may be looking to buy or sell real estate.

If we missed anyone of our clients in this video, we are sorry but there is a sequel in the making we promise!


Cheers and thank you for your continued support,


Vivan Ainis and Brenda Trigo

Journey with Us 2