A Perfect Parnership Comes to an End

“We want to sell this Summer.”

Zack and Sara were hoping to sell their home by the time Summer was over.

But who knew that things would go the way they did?

Almost instantly, we started working through my master list…a combination of “hacks” and “grinds” to make a home perfectly sale-able.

It was like time stood still.

Every time we talked, Zack and Sara walked away with a to-do list. And so did I.

And every time we spoke, our previous to-do lists had been slayed. It was like time stood still.

We were a perfect partnership working toward the sale of their home.

Projects were plowed through.

Details were marked “done”.

Homey became “Show Home”!

And then, with just a quick weekend, I sold their home with four offers.

Quick. Early. Easy.

And over.

A perfect partnership comes to an early end.

Now, they’ve moved to their new home in Sacramento before the summer has even started.

Some partnerships are perfect. And the best of them are short lived in real estate.

Like this one.

This perfect partnership is over before Zach and Sara had even planned to list their home.

Literally, two months after we first met!

I need a new partner!

Sometimes time stands still for great partnerships. But all good things must come to an end. And now, I’m looking for my next great partnership.

So, let’s talk. Would you like to be my next partner? I’m looking for great sellers like Zack and Sara. And every seller is looking for a great agent to sell their home quickly, easily, for top dollar.

We’re a perfect match.

Give me a call when you’re ready to sell your home for top dollar. I’m ready to make that happen for you.