Could Drinking Milk Really Lead to Longer Life?

A new study shows striking evidence that drinking cow’s milk has slowed aging in its participants. Previous studies had associated general dairy consumption with faster aging. But the focus of this study was on the effect of milk’s specific fat content upon aging.

Subjects who drank 1% milk in the study of 5,800 participants had “several years less biological aging” than subjects who drank 2% and/or whole milk.  To measure how much the participants had aged, scientists looked at their “telomeres.”

The drinkers of 1% milk had longer telomeres than other participants.  (Telomeres are the ends of our chromosomes, which normally become shorter every time a chromosome replicates itself.  This shortening eventually leads to aging.)  And in case you’re wondering, people who drank no milk at all had shorter telomeres than those who drank 1%.  So the study’s take away is: Yes, we should drink milk—but only the 1% variety.

For more details about the study, read the full article by Brittany A. Roston: