Statewide Rent Control in CA is effective Jan 1, 2020 and this is what you should know. AB 1482 was approved on 9/11/2019 and at that time the bill was sent to the governor  Newsom who is expected to sign it. The bill will take effect January 1, 2020. Some of the major provisions of, Read More

Community connections create a life worth living.  Brenda Trigo’s clients, Carol and Glenn always understood that.  They built a life in the Lakewood community and built many resources to benefit the community along the way. Brenda was lucky enough to be their neighbor, sitting across the fence watching the care and love they’d put, Read More

Last Sunday we had the privilege of helping Cassidy’s Corner serve free breakfast as a tribute to our men and women in uniform.   Standing alongside our peers to make it all happen was an honor.  We had a such a blast with Allison Tutoring, F&M Bank, the Lakewood YMCA, and other community businesses., Read More