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For two months, mortgage rates have remained below 3%.  According to Freddie Mac, it is unlikely they will continue to drop.  Over the last couple of months, mortgage rates have flattened and the economic rebound has slowed down.  This has caused the demand for available property to boom with first time homebuyers choosing to, Read More

With these record-low interest rates, homeowners are jumping to refinance their mortgages.  Mortgage lenders are busier than ever with the flood of homeowners coming to them for their refis.  As of last month, over 15 million people were seeking to refinance.  This extreme demand has caused the system to reach its limit.  Many mortgage, Read More

YES on Prop 5 The C.A.R. Property Tax Fairness Initiative (Prop 5) removes the unfair moving penalty for seniors, they severely disabled and disaster victims across the entire state while still ensuring they pay their fair share of property taxes.  Seniors will have the freedom to downsize or move closer to family. The severely, Read More

Home owners improve their home for two reasons, one to boost the value of their home for their real estate sale, and two, to make their home energy efficient and save money on their monthly utility bills.  Whether your reason are for either of these, here some valuable guidelines to follow before you start, Read More

Financial Freedom is something that we all want, but sometimes sounds like an impossible goal to reach.  The good news is that it is possible for anyone and can be accomplished with these great tips and strategies. Financial Freedom

We all know that selling a home is not just a simple matter of placing a For Sale sign and post in front of your yard.  In order to have a successful sale there are a lot of preparation both emotionally and to the home that is needed to be done.  Do not under, Read More

Sellers all have different reasons for putting their home on the market for sale.  But what all Sellers do have in common is to receive the best offer for they absolutely can for their home.  Although it may seem to a few that a way to accomplish this is to do it themselves, here, Read More


The home buying process can be an over-whelming experience even for the practiced home buyers.   These quick and easy tips are the foundation to having a successful home buying outcome.  To plan and discuss your own personalized home buying road map we offer one on one Buyer consultations.  Call us today to book, Read More