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The pandemic has changed life as we know it.  Current safety guidelines ensure we do everything in our ability to stay healthy and protect ourselves and our loved ones.  With this extra time being spent at home, we are able to bond with our pets.  However, what happens when we have to go back, Read More

A foreclosure occurs when a borrower does not maintain their mortgage payments, and the lender who gave the loan reclaims the property and sells in an attempt to regain the money that was lost.  Steps Leading Up to Foreclosure  About 2-3 weeks after you’ve missed your first mortgage payment, a letter from your lender, Read More

With the coronavirus heavily impacting the United States’ economy, homeowners have been asking for help managing their mortgages.  Involvement in forbearance programs allows civilians to delay their payments or make partial payments for extended periods of time.  With 3.5 million people utilizing this program, they have found temporary relief, but the process is puzzling. , Read More

Many people are oblivious to the different kinds of trusts and the purposes trusts serve to maintain estates.  Below, the two basic trusts are compared: revocable and irrevocable. However, when firmly deciding which trust to invest in, a discussion with an attorney will provide you with in-depth information and professional guidance.  The terms of, Read More

In the last few months, we have seen drastic drops in mortgage rates, but recently, we’ve reached an all-time low.  The 30-year-fixed mortgage rate was 3.99% one year ago, but it dropped to 3.24% in May.  This stark decrease was followed by the lowest mortgage rate ever used: 3.15% with an average 0.8 point.  , Read More

blog post: reopening community spaces

As the coronavirus cases decrease and businesses begin reopening, we must consider how to live semi-normal lives while upholding disease precautions.  Apartments have begun slowly reopening their community spaces such as offices, amenities, and common areas.  Below we will discuss the changes to expect within apartments.  Finding the Balance  In accordance with the guidelines, Read More

The coronavirus pandemic has turned our world upside down. However, we are a resilient society, and there’s no need to postpone your dream home. Here are some steps for finding a new rental during the pandemic and ensuring the transaction is smooth and stable. Searching for a New Apartment  First of all, online resources, Read More

Recently, high-end homes have sold for prices ranging from $10 million to $45 million, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.  Even amidst the coronavirus rampage and the newly-imposed safety guidelines (restricted showings and quarantine orders), eight sales of $10 million or more successfully closed at the end of April.  The two houses, Read More

For the last month or so, VB Realty has been using Zoom as the main communicator for our team. It seems like we are not able to get away from Zoom so we might as well get better at using it. We have attached a flyer so you can be the expert at all, Read More

With Covid-19 outbreak and stay-at-home orders being ordered, virtual staging quickly became the only option available when it comes to staging homes. 85% of potential home buyers say that pictures are the most important factor when it comes to viewing a home online or on a flyer. It is important that the furniture looks, Read More