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Do you understand whether or not your retirement savings will ever get taxed, or when that happens?  What exactly are mandatory withdrawals, and when do they start?  How to best leave retirement savings to your heirs?  If your grasp is fuzzy on any of these questions, then read on: TAXES:  Unless your tax-sheltered retirement, Read More

If you turn a profit by selling your home, the first $250,000 of that profit will be excluded from your taxable income. (That’s per owner. So for a co-owning couple the first $500K would be excluded).  Yay! But what about if you rented it out for a while before selling?  If you lived in, Read More

Recognizing that many are not saving enough to be able to retire, President Trump signed a new law late in December 2019.  And while it won’t fix the problem, it will give a boost to savers—especially part-time workers, young families, and older savers. Furthermore the law will require projected earnings statements to help savers, Read More

Credit card companies have teamed up with convenience apps (ride hailing, grocery / meal delivery, etc.) to offer discounts and free premium memberships with perks.  If you spend a lot on such apps, then you can snag rewards. The Apple card (when used through Apple Pay) offers 5% back on Uber and Uber Eats. , Read More

We are advised to do all we can to pay down high-interest debt as fast as we can. But is it ever advisable to cash out a 401(k) or IRA to help reduce or eliminate such debt? Experts say this rarely makes sense. You naturally want to avoid paying that high interest on your, Read More

Homeowners who didn’t realize their homes were in California’s wildfire zone have been shocked by their insurance situations—whether they live in high-income or rural areas, flatlands or foothills.  Various homes in affluent Brentwood or Bel-Air have had their fire insurance rates hiked up steeply. In many cases policies have been cancelled—even when no claims, Read More

A new study shows striking evidence that drinking cow’s milk has slowed aging in its participants. Previous studies had associated general dairy consumption with faster aging. But the focus of this study was on the effect of milk’s specific fat content upon aging. Subjects who drank 1% milk in the study of 5,800 participants, Read More

Women are more likely to work reduced hours, earning less pay. Many spend years raising children instead of working outside the home, and may divorce the primary earner later in life, cutting themselves off from potential retirement benefits.  For unmarried older women over 60, the median income in retirement is just over $6,500 per, Read More

Multiple credit inquiries can lower your credit scores. But when you’re shopping for the best mortgage-lender, each of them will want to do a credit check. As long as mortgage lender inquiries are made within a 45-day window, though, there’s no need to worry.  They’ll be lumped together by FICO and treated as one. , Read More

Want to go on paying high California State Income Tax after moving to a new lower-tax state?  No? Well, if California’s “residency auditors” decide you haven’t completely moved away, you’ll get stuck paying those high California income taxes anyhow. Therefore, you’ll want to prove you’ve truly moved. Obtaining a fixed home and registering to, Read More