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Many residents of the original Blue Zones practice nine healthy lifestyle habits that help them live longer, healthier, happier lives. Moving Naturally. The world’s longest-lived people are constantly nudged into moving by the environment that surrounds them. Every trip to work, to a friend’s house, or to church occasions a walk. Purpose. In all, Read More

According to Realtor Magazine, fixed mortgage rates are at the highest level since April of 2011. Does this mean home sale decrease? Found this interesting? Share your thoughts with us.

A millennial is an individual who has been born between the years 1980-1999. Sometimes referred to as Gen X, and Gen Y. When we read this article, we were surprised to find out what millennials are prioritizing! Click on the link to read more, or just click here.   Surprised or not surprised?, Read More

We had our annual ice cream event this past month and we were so excited to see everyone. We appreciate all the support we have received this past year and can’t thank you enough. We had such a great time filled with laughter, fun, art, and of course, ice cream! Special thanks to the Long, Read More

We are proud to announce that this home is in Escrow! “Hello” First time on the market in 45 years, this lovely home will have you at “Hello”. Enjoy a large living room with lots of natural light shining through the bay window and pebble finished fireplace. Bonus room with sliding doors that will, Read More

VB Realty takes pride in the little things, whether it be selling a home for top dollar or making a client happy! We love reading about our clients’ testimonies because they are a reminder of why we love what we do! VB Realty appreciates the love that is displayed on our Yelp page!  Thank, Read More

This is the most expensive mansion in America and it is located here in Bel-Air, Los Angeles. Listed for a small price of  $500 million dollars (yeah right!) thus, making it the most expensive home for sale, according to Click on the link below to find out why.  

We love receiving a letter that recognizes our hard work Brenda Trigo did it once again, ranking number 8 out of 400+ agents!

Torrey Woods Home Sold by San Diego Top Realtor Brenda Trigo

Brenda Trigo is the first and only agent to sell a Torrey Woods home over $1,600,000. And she’s done it TWICE! On moving day, Tom and Ginger packed their living room furniture, their nightstands, and their extra $300,000. You see, they made a very good decision when they hired their second realtor.   Their first, Read More

From camping, fishing, hiking or simply taking a stroll through your local park there are so many ways to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer. By embarking on an outdoor activity and enjoying nature, you are able to slow down and enjoy emotional benefits as well. Nature is known to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. As a matter of fact,, Read More