California Extends the Eviction Suspension Through September

With the coronavirus rampage seeing a spike in cases, California Governor Gavin Newsom proclaimed that local governments have the authority to suspend renter eviction through September 30th.  Los Angeles County extended their local moratorium on evictions through at least July 30th for commercial and residential tenants.  Under the L.A. County eviction suspension, residential tenants have up to one year to pay their missed rent dues.  

Along with lengthening the eviction moratorium, L.A. County passed a vote that uses $100 million from the CARES Act to issue economic relief to residential tenants and landlords that have been negatively struck with the effects of this pandemic.  Eligibility is based on if the tenant earns below 80% of the average median income; this would qualify the tenant as low-income.  After approval, a payment of $1,000 for a month’s rent or up to $2,000 per household will be given to the tenant’s landlord directly.  

Los Angeles City Council has passed a vote to pursue a plan to halt rent increases for approximately one year for older apartments under the protection of the Los Angeles rent stabilization ordinance.  As of last year, annual rent increases for shelters that are 15 or more years old can not exceed 5%.  

In these chaotic times, local governments are attempting to issue orders and provide opportunities for financial assistance.  Many families are struggling to make ends meet, and the future brings only more uncertainty for economic standings.  Take advantage of this extra time, stay optimistic, and prepare yourselves for what comes next. 

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