Starting a home search, whether you are a seasoned buyer or a first time home buyer can be overwhelming with so much information on the internet today.  

This is why it is even more crucial that you are receiving good quality information that is not misleading.  In anything that we set out to do, let’s admit it planting your feet in the right direction in the very first steps can save us a lot of valuable time and frustration (You remember that one friend who was always so happy to say “I told you so”).  Hiring a knowledgeable Realtor to gather all the information that is specifically geared to your needs is a great first step start.  A Realtor that solely represents their clients as Buyers are also referred to as a Buyer’s Agent or a Selling Agent.  Why is this important you may ask?

Well first off a Buyer’s Agent is solely focused on the Buyers’ best interest and is committed to act in the duty of honest and fair dealings. Like in a court case – You will have your own “lawyer” negotiating your interests, not the other party’s interests, that sounds pretty good right? But wait, that’s not all!

The process of finding a home takes a lot of time that most people do not have. Sure, it is easy enough to surf the web, however this is where we step in and make a whole world of difference (emphasis on whole world, yes that big). At the VB Group, we as your Buyer’s Agent will do all the homework to eliminate properties that are not a good match by extensively researching the details of the properties beyond just what you see on a web posting.  With us as your trusted advisors, you can rest assured that you have Professionals to represent you through the entire home buying process of negotiating contracts, loan officers, title officers, escrow, insurance agents, contractors, etc.   So not only will your first step after contacting us be in the right direction, but every step to the finish line.

Are you ready to begin your journey for a new home with us?

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