Bundts On Melrose

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I remember my mother always baking when I was a toddler.I couldn’t wait for her to finish mixing because if I was good, my reward would be the mixing bowl and the beater. Yes, raw batter.I would lick them both clean. I think I was around seven years old when my Grandmother took me into the kitchen and taught me to bake biscuits. I was fascinated watching the biscuits rise in the oven.I remember one day just saying to myself when I get home from school I am going to bake a cake.I found this recipe for a Sherry Nutmeg Cake. Most of the ingredients were in my mother’s pantry.I went to the corner store and bought what I needed. I am pretty sure the money came from my piggy bank.I followed the directions and to my surprise the cake was very good. Again, I was fascinated watching the ingredients blending in the mixing bowl and then again watching the cake rise in the oven. Well the news spread to my Aunt Ethel who was also my Godmother that I had baked a cake and it was very good. So when she had her next meeting with her social club she ask me to bake a cake for the members to eat after their meeting. I will never forget the expressions on their faces as each member took a bite of my cake. I didn’t understand their fascination or their enthusiasm, but their excitement made me feel really good. Now some forty odd years later I still get that same feeling when someone places something that I created in their mouth. This must be the highest form of compliment.

In the late 70’s I accepted a job at a local grocery stores warehouse bakery. This is where I started to understand more about my fascination of mixing and baking process. This job lasted for 14 years until the bakery was closed and the work was farmed out. I had worked my way up from general help to supervisor. Then I landed a job at an upscale novelty bakery as their production supervisor. 17 years later I was the Chief Operating Officer. Throughout this journey I always had this itch to own my bakery. I saw where there was a need for single serving sweets. I then saw where there was a shortage of high quality baked goods. I had recipes in my head. Then in 2011 when the upscale bakery sold, my itch was satisfied and Bundts on Melrose was born. I am often asked, “What is the secret”? It’s simple; Passion & Love.